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Our volunteers are prepared with hours of training so that the organization may provide schools with two individual programs;

Classroom Literacy Program

Our Classroom Literacy Program brings Experience Corps Volunteers into kindergarten through third grade classrooms. Under the direction of a teacher, our volunteers will serve in classrooms in order to work to improve the literacy skills of participating youth by offering increased adult attention in the classroom environment. Students benefit from the powerful relationship they create with these volunteers, and they look forward to the personal attention the older adults give them.

Our volunteers are trained in a variety of tutoring techniques, and come to your classroom prepared to provide assistance on a range of literacy-related activities. Communication between the teacher and volunteer is essential and the volunteer is expected to take direction from the teacher. Volunteers are meant to support the teacher’s instruction. The volunteer is not a substitute teacher and should never be left alone in the classroom without the teacher.


Having a volunteer in the classroom allows time and space for a teacher to work with the students that need the most specific and targeted support. It is recommended that volunteers serve students who are working at grade level or slightly below, so that the students who are furthest behind are taught by trained and certified educators.

We ask that our volunteers spend 50% of their time doing sustained work (Focused Literacy Support) with either individual students or with small groups either inside or just outside the classroom. The other 50% of a volunteers time can be spent helping with Literacy Centers or other classroom support.

Reading Coaches Program

Generations Incorporated’s Reading Coaches Program engages well-trained AARP Foundation Experience Corps volunteers to work with first through third grade students who are reading below grade level. Teachers refer students for participation in the program, and volunteers meet one-on-one with their student twice-per-week for 30-40 minute sessions outside the classroom. The program focuses on early intervention in order to make a lasting impact on a student’s academic achievement, thereby laying the foundation for future success.

The volunteers serving in this program are trained in:

  • Interactive Read Aloud to further vocabulary and comprehension development
  • Supporting independent reading through strategy use and fluency-building techniques
  • Phonics & skill support, including phonemic awareness, phonics, and sight word reinforcement
  • Writing support including letter and sentence formation, revision, and editing
  • Best practices in mentoring relationships, strategies for behavior management, and motivating students

About the curriculum:

Generations Incorporated uses the ARC Reading Coaches Model. This curriculum is designed to improve children’s language and comprehension skills and foster a love of reading. Sessions are intended to be success-oriented and fun for students. Student progress is tracked by school-based assessments.

In each 30-40 minute session twice a week, students are supported to complete the following activities:

  • Read Aloud: Volunteer reads from a higher level book
  • Skill Practice
  • Reading Practice: Student reads at an independent level
  • Writing: Journal entry related to the text
  • Talk Time: Build mentoring relationship; check for comprehension
  • ARC Reading Coaches Program Explanation

Program Partners

Boston Public School Program Partners

Cluster Manager: Lisa Higgins and Venecia Mumford

  • Blackstone Innovation School, Classroom Literacy & ARC Reading Coaches
  • Charles H. Taylor Elementary School, Classroom Literacy
  • Ellis Elementary School, Classroom Literacy
  • Lyndon K-8 School, Classroom Literacy
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. K-8 School, Classroom Literacy & ARC Reading Coaches
  • Mildred Avenue K-8 School, Classroom Literacy
  • Murphy K-8 School, Classroom Literacy
  • P.A. Shaw Elementary School, Classroom Literacy
  • Trotter Innovation School, Classroom Literacy
  • Winship Elementary School, Classroom Literacy
  • Winthrop Elementary School, Classroom Literacy
  • Young Achievers K-8 School, Classroom Literacy

Revere Public School Program Partners

Cluster Manager: Sal Cammarata

  • A.C. Whelan Elementary School, Classroom Literacy & ARC Reading Coaches
  • Beachmont Veterans Memorial School, Classroom Literacy
  • Garfield Elementary School, Classroom Literacy
  • Hill Elementary School, Classroom Literacy

Boston After-School Program Partners

Cluster Manager: Ginny Bridgeman

  • Berkshire Partners Blue Hill Boys & Girls Club, ARC Reading Coaches
  • Edgerley Family South Boston Boys & Girls Club, ARC Reading Coaches
  • Yawkey Boys & Girls Club of Roxbury, ARC Reading Coaches

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Lead Cluster Manager

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Lisa Higgins

Cluster Manager / SIF Program Director

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Ginny Bridgeman

Cluster Manager

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Venecia Mumford

Cluster Manager

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